Santa Fe Artist

Oil paintings

Linocut prints

Mixed Media: Archival digital photomontage, watercolor paper, powdered sea shells, beeswax, tree resin (encaustic).


Light x (surface + variation2) = photonfoto





Guestbook for Richard A. Nicholas
betty nicholas non-registered(non-registered)
Just seeing your new picture. It is wonderful. You have a great eye for a
scene. Lorne Bolene was here for supper tonight. I wish I had seen it sooner
He would have loved it. It still talks about the climb as the worst day and the
most wonderful he ever spent.
Teresa Pearce(non-registered)
Scott Gifford(non-registered)

Beautiful photos. I love the Burma Gallery.

Mary Nicholas(non-registered)
Dad Tom sent me the link. Fabulous pictures!!!